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B i a n c a   M A D I S O N

        B. Madison is an Italian American R&B/Pop artist. Madison was born on June 2nd in Providence, Rhode Island. 

          Since the age of one, Madison had displayed a talent that a large majority of babies don’t possess in their repertoire at such a tender age. Singing seemed to be almost a birth right for B and she has kept the talent and perfected it over time. It wasn’t until high school that the tune carrying toddler explored her abilities to write music. While a large majority of artists cannot take sole credit for their tracks, B. Madison seems to shy away from that group. A vivid imagination coupled with a knack for finding the right rhythm gave the young aspiring artist just what she needed to polish her song writing skills.  Dissatisfied with occupying a one dimensional style, Madison also dabbles in rap and can hold her own on the keys. Qualities such as these have transformed her virtually into a “one stop shop” for both labels and fans. Her lyrics are a combination of real life situations blended with a feel that all listeners can vibe and relate to.

        Not only has B turned the recording studio into her second home, but theatre is another passion of the singer/songwriter. The once Theatre Major at City College NYC has been in over 30 plays. Showcasing both her singing and acting talents. However, after being captivated by several musical influences; Madison has continued with her singing career. If it wasn’t Aretha Franklin’s soulful voice, or Janis Joplin’s rock star sound, then it was the combination of Ryan Leslie’s, Keri Hilson’s, and Ne-yo’s ability to write that has kept Madison driven to be the best. All of these artists have played an important part in framing who B is as an artist today.

       An amazing voice which has led her to winning two Apollo Amateur Nights, drive to reach the top and a marketable image has attracted more than just a fan base. Madison has performed at signed artists stomping grounds SOBs, Don Hills, and the infamous Jersey Shore venue Stone Pony. Her energetic and intimate performances have also caused artists such as A. Lewins, Rotimi, and The Hitlist to collaborate with her on a substantial amount of tracks.

      Finally, after coming from the days of preferring songs over Similac; B. Madison is working on her solo career. With strong support from her family and management, B is being able to bring her powerful voice to the forefront of the game and to the ears of her listeners everywhere.